Thursday, April 8, 2010

Build up Passive Income while Working at Home

It’s been 6 months now that I started my restaurant business. As the day pass by, I felt that I became more and more familiar of the things that I do everyday. It’s like a daily prototype of thing that I can perform almost perfect that it already became mind-numbing.
I looked for a part time home based job to avoid boredom and to continuously hone my skills but I realized it isn’t that easy to find good ones. This is because other virtual employers don’t give real payment while other employers take advantage of their virtual staffs. I had my share with these illicit and immodest employers online.
Thanks to these experiences I learned a lot. Now I am enjoying passive income without spending too much time and money. I do it at my own pace and most importantly I don’t deal with bosses. My job now aside from being a restaurateur is a content writer, blogger and a regular player of PTC’s.
I earned dollars by writing English articles since I can write on different subjects. The other job that gives me another stream of income is by joining free PTC’s also known as Paid To Click job. This job is pretty simple. All you need to do is to click all the available ads and wait up to 30 sec for each ad to load and you’re done. You earn dollar that simple. You’ll do it at your time and your income will depend on your referral and your clicks.
There are other home based opportunities that you can try. The top 6 home based jobs are answering Surveys Online, Article Writing, Virtual Assistant job, Data Entry jobs and Web Designing. Just be careful and always do background check before you join or before you start working for someone online.

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