Friday, April 16, 2010

Ask no more with Apple iPad!

I love blogging and checking my favorite social networking sites anytime and anywhere I feel the itch. But sometimes we feel tired of hanging that huge laptop bag in our shoulders while mobile phones just give us limited access and applications. At times we wish of something more functional, handy and stylish.
Who would have thought that something like iPad will be formed? iPad is one of greatest inventions ever created in terms of gadgets. Its advance features and capabilities makes surfing, movie watching, music tripping and many other amazing features more enjoyable and easier to access, play and share.
iPad has sizeable multitask screen that works at any orientation. It is internet ready and has touch screen capability. For business minded folks like me, I would love to have a constant access to my mails. iPad has mail application with easy to manage mail layout window above the display keyboard for instant send/receive process.
We always love to gaze at our photos. iPad gives us perfect crisp photos with just a tap of a finger. What’s more amusing is the ability to watch photos in slideshow and sharing it anytime, anywhere. iPad does not only gives us perfect show of our favorites photos but also gives us high resolution videos that will make music video tripping more enjoyable. We can also watch our favorite tv shows as it has 9.7 inches monitor that will never let anyone down.
Talking about videos, we can also access youtube through youtube application that is specially designed for iPad. Videos are neatly organized in the screen for easy access, just tap the video and it will show up. Songs are also organized by albums and just like ipod, the music can be heard at its best.
We can never get outdated with iPad because it has iTunes application that provides up to date music, movies, shows and many more. We can also download, buy or rent movies, music, shows, podcast etc. at iTunes using WiFi connection.
Enjoy iPad more as it can offer up to 150,000 applications available at Application Store. iPad can operate in almost all applications from office apps to games, from lifestyle to social networking as it has strong processor. It also displays top 25 best applications as well as the applications that need some updates.
We can also enjoy our favorite e-book using iBooks application. It displays clear text in a bright background. We can turn pages in a tap and download free books or buy great books at iBookstore.
Of course! We love convenience! To gratify us, iPad has a Map application that gives us satellite, street and terrain view by the use of Google services. Also, a Note application that will help us jot down all-we-can during lectures, meetings and even list down our grocery items or recipes. Convenience is what we get because it is useful, light and handy.
There are other bonus relevant applications integrated in iPad such as calendar application that stores work/home events and special occasions. Easy to manage Contact application that stores important events, contact information, notes and reminders. We can also attach photo on each contact for quick recall. Spotlight Search helps us find any data like movies, music, albums, senders, contacts, events and many more by typing the keyword at Spotlight search. Another relevant application is the Accessibility that helps people with disability like those that has poor eyesight, hearing impairment, deaf or even blind. iPad has a voiceover feature that directs the person of what app is under his/her finger and will tell directions to complete the process. It has also zooming, and closed captioning capability for deaf and vision impaired person.
Price Information:
iPad with Wifi:
16 GB = $499.00  32 GB = $599.00   64 GB = $699.00
iPad with Wifi + 3G
16 GB = $629.00  32 GB = $729.00  64 GB = $829.00

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