Friday, January 1, 2010

Prolific New Year!

This is the first time I chose to be productive after all the merriment and a lot of drinking on New Years Eve. The usual set up after the party is sleep-eat-sleep series. But now, I didn’t sleep and I didn’t even choose to watch the latest movies. Instead, I went straight to my computer and construct my game plan for 2010.

Last year, God blessed me tremendously. That is why I can’t help but think of ways on how to bless other people around me the way God showered His blessings on me. I don’t intend to be everyone’s Superwoman but I will do my best to help my loved ones and eventually extend help to other people.

I have a flourishing business and I have enormous trust that despite difficulties I can run it well with God’s grace and guidance. It will become my main source of funds for the projects that I’m shaping.

I am not talking about huge projects here, I am actually thinking of projects that can lift not just my soul but other souls as well. A Simple and humble mission that will help me outline larger plans for God’s greater Glory. I will start by helping my underprivileged loved ones first and eventually delve into a bigger world to share what I have and hold a more meaningful life in 2010