Thursday, December 31, 2009

Unfortunate Christmas and New Year Celebration

It is really sad to reflect that there are families out there that are mourning instead of celebrating Christmas season as well as New Year. And just as these people grieved over their loved one’s another tragedy occur.

It was hours before Christmas Eve when MV Catalyn B bumped to a fishing boat somewhere in Libones Island in Cavite killing 3 people and two dozen more that are missing. Few days ago, another sea tragedy was broadcasted. MV Baleno 9 sank off someplace in Verde Island Batangas. Even worse it killed 6 people and hid more or less 20 people in its mystic waters.

I can’t imagine how these sadden families celebrate New Years Day knowing that they have just lost someone so dear to them. Others don’t even know if they will see the bodies of their loved ones again. These things made me realize that life is so precious and short.

We don’t need to live a perfect life, we just need to live happily and so much aware of the things that really matters. Look at your parents. Do they look the same when you were younger? They definitely have gone old and weak. Love them.

Assess your relationship with your family and friends and know if they are happy the way you treat them.

Look deep into yourself and ask if you have lived life the way others expect you to breathe or you really did fight for your happiness but still live life accordingly.

It is not too late! Do what it takes to be genuinely happy with the people that really matters to you. Be happy and Prosperous in 2010!

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